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Welcome to online gaming heaven, where all of your boredom and frustration with the same old games will simply melt away! How have we created this fantastical place, you’re wondering? Well, we have made it our personal mission for many years at Playbelline to provide you with the coolest, most entertaining collection of games from all across the spectrum, from thinking games to arcade classics and much more. We’ve added hundreds of handpicked games to date, and we only choose the titles that WE love to play, because we know you’ll love them too! So, how do we choose from our favorite games to play online? It’s a tough process, but for everyone that makes it through, you get yet another one of our free games to play online and enjoy. Here’s how we pick them:

Game design: We don’t pride ourselves on being sticklers, but when it comes to free games online, the level and character design should at least be attractive and fun. It doesn’t have to be the fanciest, just smooth and crisp enough to keep you immersed in the game!

Cool characters, items and power ups: What makes fun games online even more fun? Customization, cool characters and power ups, of course! Players don’t just want to go through the motions with one plain character and no boosts, they want to switch it up with a whole cast of heroes, weapons, bonuses, and anything else that will spice it up. If it doesn’t pass this test, it doesn’t meet our standards.

Replayability: This goes hand in hand with customization. The best games online give you a different experience every time you play them. If we only want to play the game once and be done with it, it doesn’t make our list of online games!

Gameplay, of course: This is a no-brainer! The story, the dialogue, and all of the action needs to be engaging and fun. It’s totally ok to be simple, as some of our most addicting games are, but a great game is both simple and engaging. That’s why gameplay is our highest standard.

And that is how we built such an awesome collection of web games - by playing them ourselves as critics!

Get Ready To Dive Into These Cool Game Categories

Speaking of our ever-growing collection of web games, we don’t just throw them all into a huge, messy pile. We have organized them into categories so you can choose your favorites free games to play online based on whatever you’re craving! As gamers ourselves, we know that sometimes, you want a puzzle, and other times, you want to simply blow something up.

For example, our Shooting Games category puts an arsenal of impressive guns, bow-and-arrows, and even rocket launchers in your hands to test your aim and your timing.

Of course, you can never go wrong with classic Arcade Games. Some of our best games online are mirrored after the founding generations of platform jumpers, maze runners and arcade shooters that started way back in the seventies and eighties.

Does the thrill of high-speed action pump through your veins? Then our Racing Games category is the only thing that will satisfy your need to conquer the track. It’s not just simple races, either. Sometimes, you will find yourself among very unfriendly competition - take them out or they will get you first!

Solving problems with speed and muscle is all good and fine, but what about the strongest muscle in the body? That’s right, we’re giving you plenty of Thinking Games to play online that give your brain a workout as well. Riddle your way past tricky opponents, solve challenging puzzles, and use logic to unlock secret rewards!

Hours Of Entertainment In The Best Games Online

These are just a few of our many free games online categories. We’ve included several more categories, mainly for two reasons. First, we sometimes have a hard time choosing the best games online out of two or three excellent choices, so we pick them all! Secondly and more importantly, we want to keep you entertained for hours with our handpicked selection of the most fun games online. Our titles are free to play, so there’s no need to fret about which ones you want to try first. Dive in, have fun, and try a new one tomorrow. That’s what we’re here for. Now good luck, hero, and waste no more time - adventure awaits you!