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It’s the Hardest Job on the Field for a Reason

All the pressure rests on you in Goalkeeper Challenge online, because one inch too far or one millisecond too late, and you could cost your team the game! This unblocked game is easy to explain and hard to execute: get your hands in front of each shot as the goalkeeper so you can block it. In each match, you have to block at least three to win. The real “kicker” is the progressive leveling system…

Goalkeeper Challenge Brings the Heat

Just like in a real tournament, the farther you make it, the tougher the competition gets. This means that in matches 2, 3, 4, and so on, you’ll be up against harder shooters! They’ll fly in from all angles and at increasingly high speeds, so be ready to pounce like a panther and stand your ground like a brick wall. It’s free to play, hard to put down, and all about football. Goalkeeper Challenge is your next sports favorite.