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The Cross, the Volley, Goalll!

You only get so many chances to make soccer history in each game, and in Drop Kick World Champs online, it’s up to you to take advantage of those chances. Pick your favorite squad and head to the opponent’s 18-yard box. Wait for the cross to come in, and when the moment’s right, crack that ball towards the goal in a thunderous volley! Score the required amount, and you win this unblocked game. Of course, it takes more than one win to become world champs…

Drop Kick World Champs Is All About the Bounce

Just like in real soccer, each touch you play in this game will require you to perfectly time the bounce. If you’re looking to bury one in the top corner, then wait until the ball has just bounced. If you want to skip one across the ground, then hit it on the way down. You’re sure to completely “whiff” a couple, but once you get your timing down, you’ll be a formidable striker. Ready to kick up some turf? Then let’s play Drop Kick World Champs for free.