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Prepare for Fun and Flashy Gunplay with Mr. Bullet Online!

When you need a professional to get in, take a bunch of henchmen down quickly and get out, you call the hero of this Mr. Bullet Online game. There’s no reason to send a SWAT team or a small army after these bad guys when you have such a skilled gunslinger on your team. Not only can he put one between your eyes from fifty feet away – he can even do it if you’re around a corner! That’s right, this unblocked game is bringing creative new “angles” to traditional shooters. The bad guys don’t even need to be in your line of sight. As long as Mr. Bullet knows where they are, he can deliver a bullet right to their noggins. How, you ask? Read on.

Master the Ricochet to Earn 3 Stars

This free and unblocked game is divided up into levels of increasing difficulty. Your objective is simple: kill everyone on the level with as few bullets as possible. At first, this is pretty easy, but as we mentioned, the bad guys will start appearing around corners. How on earth do you shoot someone when there’s a wall in your way? The ricochet technique, of course! Angle your shot perfectly and bounce that bullet around the corner using walls, platforms, or whatever else you can find. If you miss, retry. If you miss again, retry again. Be patient, and you’ll find that perfect shot. Just imagine the look of surprise on their faces when they see that hot chunk of lead flying straight at them! Of course, the way Mr. Bullet does it, they usually don’t even see it coming.

Unlock Awesome Characters and Game Modes

As amazing as the gameplay is, our favorite feature in this Mr. Bullet online game is actually the unlockable goodies. You can unlock an entire cast of characters by earning cash from your, shall we say, “business transactions.” Ever wonder how good of a shot Donald Trump is? You won’t have to anymore. But that’s not all that your hard-earned rewards will do for you. With each level, you earn stars based on how well you did. Once you earn enough stars, you can even unlock entirely new game modes! Naturally, there’s zombie mode, but just wait until you try granny mode. Yup, granny mode. It’s like earning an entirely new game just by playing!  

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Though he just may be the best, Mr. Bullet isn’t the only gun-toting sharpshooter in the world of free gaming. In fact, we have combed the web to find you the best gun games and shooting games out there, throwing them all into one explosively fun and addicting category so that you can enjoy them whenever you want. As always, these games are cost- and download-free, and you can play them completely unblocked wherever you are. Today, it’s this Mr. Bullet Online game, and tomorrow, who knows what or who you’ll be shooting – just don’t miss!