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Second Time’s a Charm…

If this Dead Zombie Hunting game were set ten years ago, it would just be you, your son, a rifle, and an unsuspecting deer. But a lot has happened since the fall of mankind, and now the only type of hunting you do involves stinky, pale, brain-eating zombies. They refused to die (at least all the way) the first time, so why not “convince” them with a bit of hot lead persuasion? Each level in this game is a day of survival that comes with an objective. Load up, kill the zombies, complete the objective, and you just might see the light of day.  

Here’s Your Permit!

If you hunt deer out of season, you’ll get fined, but humanity is counting on you to purge the world of these dead-eyed ruffians. “Here’s your permit,” you whisper to yourself as you aim that barrel right at the swollen head of an approaching zombie. All the rules are off, buddy, you don’t need a permit to do anything! That’s why we love this simulator game. Besides the fact that you can play for free, you get to see a dark and realistic future. It’s martial law, so don’t trust anyone – zombies, humans, nobody.  

Can’t Get Enough Dead Zombie Hunting?

If you’ve enjoyed hunting for simulator codes and slaying zombie after zombie for free in this online game, then you’ll absolutely love our zombie games category. What, you didn’t think we were going to stop the massacre at just one title, did you? No, there’s an entire library of action-packed zombie slaying titles for you to enjoy for free in this category. But first, let’s see if you can earn enough dough killing the undead to unlock the AK-47! Now that is how you upgrade from rookie to professional Dead Zombie Hunting.