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How to play

Place your ships carefully so the enemy have a hard time finding them, and then attack and find the enemy ships and destroy them.

Desktop Controls

Use your mouse to navigate around, where to place and where to attack
Attack/Place ship: Left mouse button

Torpedoes Away!

There’s something rippling in the water, captain, about two hundred meters dead ahead, and it’s not a school of fish! Our radar has detected an enemy fleet of warships heading straight towards us. It’s time for battleship game online multiplayer! You know where the enemy ships are, but you’re going to have to “eyeball” each torpedo in this fun multiplayer face-off. Load the torpedo, take your best guess, and fire away. If you hit an enemy ship, great – reload and hit ‘em again! If you miss? Pick a different spot. Last feet standing – or, floating – wins.

Enjoy Enhanced Battleship War Multiplayer Combat

We love multiplayer battleship games, and this one in particular, for a number of reasons. First of all, the 2-player capability allows you to play against a human rival or the computer in this game. What’s even better, you can choose “advanced” combat mode to use awesome upgrades against your enemy. Rain down a merciless air strike on your enemy’s fleet, hitting multiple targets, or fine-tune your radar to get an exact location! However you get your edge in this two player battleship game, make sure you never stop firing until the whole fleet is at the bottom of the ocean.

The War is Just Beginning  

There’s plenty to do in this battleship game 2 player mode, whether you’re going against the computer, playing classic mode, calling in air strikes and whatever else, but it’s only a small part of the real war. The seas are rumbling with torpedo fire in our battleship games category. That’s right, we have an entire category of battleship game two player online modes – it’s an all-out war! Find new ways to command your vessels, attack the enemy fleet and earn yourself a victory the hard way. Battleship game 2 player modes are waiting, captain, so load the torpedoes!