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Play Penalty Shooters 2 online

Have you ever dreamt of being a world-famous football player and scoring that one penalty shot that will change the whole outcome of the game? Put on your best shoes, prepare the kick and let it fly in Penalty Shooters 2!

Who can play Penalty Shooters 2?

  • Recommended for ages 7 and up

  • Difficulty level - medium

How to play Penalty Shooters 2 game

  • Choose the country and team you want to play as

  • The teams will perform 5 penalty shots each

  • Your task is to kick the ball in the goal and not allow the opponent to score!

    • When making a penalty shot

      • Hold the left mouse click and the automated target will start moving side to side and upwards

      • Release to kick the ball

    • When being a goalkeeper 

      • Wait for the kicker's target to appear

      • Click on the target to try to catch the shot

  • Score as many goals as possible and block the opponent's goals to win the match 


  • Left mouse click

About the soccer game Penalty Shooters 2

Penalty Shooters 2 is one of the many amazing soccer games on our website. What we love about this game is that instead of regular soccer gameplay, in Penalty Shooters 2 you can enjoy pure goal-hitting and catching. Test your precision, aim, and strategy! If you have a favorite football team, you can imagine yourself as a world-class player and select a country to play for, making this game feel more immersive. If you loved Penalty Shooters, check out our collection of football games. We also have lots of other fun sports games for you to try!


  • 12 country leagues to choose from

  • Penalty shooter and goalkeeper roles

  • Infinite gameplay


Web browser (mobile and desktop)

Release date

February 2017


Penalty Shooters 2 was developed by Physical Form


  • How do you shoot high in penalty shooters 2?
    Simply hold the left mouse click for a longer time, and the automated goal icon will start moving upwards. When it has reached your chosen spot, release and the ball will be kicked!