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Congratulations, You’re a Game Designer!

Even if you don’t have an artistic bone in your body, Draw Climber online is asking for your input. In fact, the shapes that you create in this free game are essential to the gameplay. Here’s how it works: the game requires you to draw a shape that will then be doubled and attached to a blue cube like wheels. After you’ve completed your shape, the cube will automatically spin its axles so that your custom-made wheels will spin, just like a car. Then, the cube will automatically move forward through a level of dips, stairs, inclines and drop-offs. If it can make it to the end of the level using your improvised hardware, then you win! If not, then it’s literally back to the drawing board for you.

What’s the Best Draw Climber Shape?

This is a bit of a trick question, actually. The answer is that there really is no best shape because each level is different. If you need to go up some really steep inclines or deep stairs, then something with sharp angles like a square or triangle tends to be helpful. If you want to maneuver down a steep slope without toppling too far forward and into a trap, then smoother, more circular wheels tend to work best. Even if you fail the first try on a level, you still get to scout ahead and see what kind of hazards you’re dealing with, so that’s always helpful. This is about you being creative, so don’t worry about getting it perfect the first time – just enjoy the gameplay!

Uh Oh, Drop-off Ahead!

For the first three or four levels, we were under the impression that this Draw Climber game was just a chilled-out, artistic experience. Then we met our first cliff, and it did not go well. Down we went hurtling to our doom into a spike pit…of doom! What we’re trying to say is, this game is fun and relaxing, but also challenging and intense at the same time. The fact that it challenges your creativity as well makes it a super well-rounded experience that we are sure you will enjoy as well. What whacky wheels will you create in Draw Climber?