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Each Crazy Monster Trucks Puzzle Is Crazier Than the Last!

There’s nothing wrong with scenic backdrops or fuzzy animal puzzles, but sometimes, you just want to kick up the intensity a notch with this online Crazy Monster Trucks Puzzle game. There will be no puppies or sunsets here, only horsepower-blazing hulks! Piece each one together, and you’ve beat the level. The best part is, this unblocked game progresses you through a level system that unlocks an even better truck each time you solve a puzzle.

Take It Easy or Go for Glory – You Choose

Before you start sliding those puzzle pieces together in this free game, you can customize your experience even further by choosing your difficulty level. Easy will have the least pieces, medium is a middle amount, and hard mode will give you a tougher 6 x 6 puzzle. Our best tip? Get those corners and edges figured out first, then fill in the middle! Good luck tearing up the dirt with Crazy Monster Trucks Puzzle, rough rider.