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Keep Like with Like in Color Bump 3D

This Color Bump 3D game is chocked with satisfying physics and visually delightful features. It’s a really simple concept, but very hard to put down! Your only job in this free unblocked game is to move your sphere from the beginning to the end of the level by sliding left, right, up and down as the track moves automatically. The track is filled with pieces, some of them the same color as you, and some of them not. If you bump into a piece of a different color, you lose! To make it to the end, you’ll have to shove your way through pieces of your color and steer clear of everything else.

Not So Easy Now, Is It?

After the first level or two, you might be saying, “Pshh, this is a piece of cake!” But you don’t know how many levels there are, so don’t get cocky. When the other pieces on the board begin to move, for example, it’s much tougher! Plus, you’ll be squeezing your way through tighter and tighter lanes as pieces of other colors become more and more plentiful. Trust us, you’re going to make friends with that restart button. And when you’re finally ready to take on another visually stunning challenge, head to our 3D games category and keep the action going! Until then, let’s see if you can make it past level ten in Color Bump 3D online.