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Let the Ragdoll Rumble Begin!

A true test of brutal combat, Stickman Warriors is a ragdoll fan’s paradise. Drift, spin, and dart across the stage as you flail your fists, legs, and head at your opponents. Try to aim for their head if you can. You’ll also score some damage if you can whack them on the arms or the torso, but be careful not to get hit yourself. The rules are simple in this unblocked game: the last man, er, stick standing wins! Our advice? When you see your enemy dashing towards you, spin around and let them deal with your feet! Feet (and hands) aren’t the only weapons at your disposal, though…

Choose Your Weapon and Warrior

Not only can you pound and pummel your enemies using your own body, but thanks to the many different unlockable game modes, you can choose from a whole arsenal of weapons! Wield a deadly sword as a cunning ninja, or swing a fearsome hammer as a terrifying Viking. We won’t give the others away, but that’s just the start. Whatever your favorite kind of weapon is, this online stickman game will get harder with each level. Surviving is just the beginning, though. If you want to get three stars on each level, you’ll have to conserve your health and avoid using the booster. Tough!

Stickman Warriors Is Just the Beginning

It will surely take you a while to get through all the chaotic game modes in this free stickman title, but when you’ve finally punched, kicked, sliced, and shot them all to bits, then don’t worry. We not only have another game dedicated to stickmen, but an entire stickman category to keep you entertained for hours! Who knew that a bulbous little head and four crudely drawn limbs could be so much fun? For starters, let’s wiggle around in the Stickman Warriors arena and see how much trouble we can cause.