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She’s Beautiful Under There, We Just Know It

Before you judge the acne-riddled main character of this online Super Doll Skin Doctor game, know that this woman is the only thing standing between a safe city and a crime-infested wasteland! That’s right, she’s out there risking her neck for us, so the least we could do is repay her with a smooth, clean face. So, roll out your set of tools and start in on those blemishes – there’s a whole lot of work to be done.

Super Doll Skin Doctor to the Rescue!

This time, you get to come to her aid, but in order to suave that once-beautiful skin like fresh marble, you will need some serious hardware. We’re talking laser zappers, steel scissors and all kinds of next-level tools! We always have a lot of fun playing this unblocked game because it makes us think on our toes. Grab each tool, follow the cue, and you’re one layer of scuzzy blemishes closer to clearing up that face. Hurry, Super Doll Skin Doctor, before it’s too late!