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How to play

Think quickly and coose the right answers.


Movement: Use the mouse to choose the right answers.


How to Play Brain Out

The saying “things aren’t always as they seem” couldn’t be truer than in the case of Brain Out, a super fun and addicting online game created by Eyewind that neither we nor our fans can get enough of. The idea of Brain Out is simple in nature, but executing is a different story altogether. All you have to do is answer the prompt for each level – that’s it. There are several items in front of you, and for each level, you’ll be asked a question relating to those items. For example, which one is the biggest? Which one can you not eat? Click or tap to make your selection and answer the question. If you’re wrong – buzzer sound. If you’re right, you level up! Now, if you’re here to get answers to all those tricky levels, like 22, 27, 41, 46, and all the other "stumpers," we’re not just handing out freebies. Okay, we’ll hand out just one. In Brain Out level 57, in order to wake up the little piggy, you just have to hover your finger in front of his nose for a few seconds! As you can see, it’s not always about simply tapping on the right answer. Sometimes, and this is a big hint, you have to move things around to get to the answer.  

Biggest Genre Ever?

If you count this Brain Out online game as part of general brain teasers, and if you include pre-computer games as brain teasers, then you’re looking at a piece of history, friend. Brain teasers like this have been around for literally millennia, in the form of riddles, sudoku puzzles, quiz games, and trivia. Why do tricky titles have such great staying power? Well, for one, they’re great for your brain, and most importantly, they’re just plain old fun! There’s something so satisfying about getting a question right, especially when it was harder than the one before. To keep those wheels turning upstairs, we’re continuing the long tradition of brain teasers with our thinking games and logic games categories. Brain Out is a great place to starts, so why not head there and get the head-scratching started early?