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Oh No, Jackknifed Again!

You always feel bad when you see semi-trucks wrecked on the news, but in Real City Truck Simulator unblocked, that could be you! Of course, if you can make it to your trailer and to the finish without smashing into anything, causing a car wreck, or veering off course, you just might avoid this fate. All you have to do for each level you play is hook up your trailer and ride. Sounds easy, right? If only…

Real City Truck Simulator Is No Easy Win

You’d be amazed at just how tough driving a big truck really is. This free online game is realistic enough to give you a firsthand look at just how big and hard to control these monstrous machines are, which is why we love it. Why else are we huge fans? Well, because of the awesome trucks that you can unlock, of course! Play Real City Truck Simulator today and learn what it’s really like to command a big rig.