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“Is This the Real Life, or Is This Just Fantasy?”

It’s easy to separate yourself from the story when you’re blasting bad guys in space or helping wizards brew potions, but these simulation games are a different beast entirely. Online simulation games are all about making decisions in situations that you might actually deal with in real life. Remember that game from the early 2000s called “The Sims”? People thought that game wouldn’t succeed because nobody would want to just live their normal lives through a video game. As it turns out, that game was so ridiculously successful that it spawned a ton of sequels! We’re huge fans of online simulation games, both for boys and for girls, so guess what – we’re bringing you a full category! Still not a believer? Let us explain a bit more.

Why Play a Game that Resembles Daily Life?

Every day, we all have our secret little fantasies of things we wish we could do, but don’t. For example, “I wish I could tell my boss what I really think about them.” “I wish I was brave enough to talk to that girl or guy.” “I wish they would just put me in charge of the city so I could fix all of these silly things the mayor messed up.” Thanks to these fun simulation games that you can play for free online, you can make all of those wishes come true! See, that’s why simulation games have become so popular – they allow you to live out your dreams and desires in a super realistic setting. Go ahead: Imagine something you’ve always wanted to do. With these simulation games online, you can.

Choose Your Own Reality with Simulation Games

If the ability to live out your wildest dreams isn’t appealing enough, consider this: free simulation games also allow you to see what someone else’s life is like. For example, if you’ve never been to a farm before, but you’ve always wanted to try it, now you can! See? Simulation games allow you to either improve your own reality or jump into a different reality altogether. What’s more, you can try out different behaviors to see how the people and the environment will react. Maybe you want to score as many points as possible, so you do everything the right way. Maybe, though, you just want to be crazy and unpredictable so nobody will know how to react! Either way, we’ve got plenty of different realities for you to try out, so check them out below.

Build a Thriving Community

Some of the most fun simulation games we have ever tested out require you to build a bustling metropolis from the ground up. Like most others, city simulation games start you from the bottom. Your job is to take your tiny little hometown and turn it into a huge, busy city by designing buildings, adding roads and highways, and anything else a real city planner would do.

Bring the Farm to You

If you’ve had enough of the crowded streets and smog, then we invite you to enjoy a breath of fresh air or two with our free farm games. We have a whole category, in fact, dedicated to simulating the rustic sights and sounds of life on the farm. It may seem peaceful when you first pull up to the farmhouse in that rusty pickup truck, but you’ll soon learn that there is a ton of work to be done. Hope you like milk, eggs and steak!

Marriage, Kids, Grandkids?!

Alright, so we’ve covered a few sub-genres related to doing amazing things at work, but what about when you come home? How many people are there waiting for you? Do you want to have three kids, five, or even ten? What will you all do for fun? These questions and more can all be answered with our family simulator games. The best part? Unlike in real life, you don’t have to wait nine months for each little tyke to show up.

The Daily Grind

As much as we complain about doing chores around the house, paying bills, going to the store and all of that fun stuff, isn’t it satisfying when we make it through our whole checklist? With our real-life simulation games, you can get that satisfaction without working your tail off for hours on end. So, go ahead, pop the laundry in the machine, mow the yard, and do everything else you need to do from the comfort of your screen.

The Clashing of Great Nations

Sometimes, we have to interrupt our cozy little lives to take part in a larger effort – war. Nobody likes it, but it’s part of being a loyal citizen. What’s the difference between war simulator games and other war games? Well, in the simulators, you’re not just mowing down dozens of enemies with a huge bazooka. You actually have to use strategy to send troops here, take supplies there, and so on, just like in a real war.

Reinvent Yourself Again and Again

We could go on and on about the many different types of boys and girls simulation games, but just think of it this way: Whatever you can do in real life, you can do in these games. The difference is that now, you can be your truest self without suffering any real-life consequences. Ask yourself this one question before getting started: “What have I always dreamed of doing?” Find the game that puts you in that situation, make the choice, and become the person you’ve always wanted to be.