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Welcome to space! Here you will see galaxies full of colorful planets, dashing asteroids, powerful spaceships, and even aliens! Are you ready to become an astronaut?

What are space games?

In this collection, you will find all games about space! No need to train as an astronaut, as in these online games you can experience life outside of Earth. You can play awesome games where you can navigate a spaceship or a rocket and try your luck at avoiding meteors or fellow rockets. If you want to fight or make friends with the outsiders, check out all of our free games about aliens. For more fast-paced gameplay, we can recommend our fun action games!

Spaceship games

Games with spaceships are usually space-themed online arcade games. The spaceships can not only dash with the speed of light but also use built-in space shooters to destroy space rocks or enemy spaceships. We are talking about real space wars, where you have to steer the spaceship and defend your home planet! Check out our full collection of spaceship games here, or if you enjoy the shooter-action, we have lots of cool shooting games for you to enjoy!