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The history of action games, one of the most popular genres in all of gaming fandom, basically goes hand-in-hand with the history of all video games. In other words, it didn’t take fans long at all to ask for titles that would allow them to go on epic adventures, slay bad guys, and look awesome doing it. In fact, one of the earliest action games to hit the arcades came all the way back in 1975. Western Gun is thought to be the very first of its kind, and it was a worthy title indeed. This open-world action game paved the way for literally thousands of titles that followed, which evolved from general action games into the more complex RPGs, action-adventure, and other games we know and love today. Ever heard of Castle Wolfenstein? If you haven’t, make sure to give this classic a solid playthrough!

Fun Facts and Figures

A comprehensive report covering the profitability of the (now massive) gaming industry in 2018 found that action games accounted for nearly a third of total sales that year. Considering how many other genres there are out there, this is absolutely insane! The gaming industry in general is projected to generate almost 160 BILLION dollars this year alone, and it’s only growing from there. Even though this seems preposterously large, and it is, the overall entertainment industry (media, music, other forms of entertainment) tops out at more than 2 trillion dollars for the 2020 projection, which is more than 12 times more. So, while action games have become more and more mainstream, they still have a long way to go if they ever want to compete with more conventional forms of entertainment. What do you say we help give them a boost in that race, eh?

Got A Thing for Explosions?

If you’re the type of person who would rather blow up the obstacle than find some sneaky way around it, you may just be our next free action games hero. These games aren’t about sitting around, scratching your head and answering tricky questions – these games are about going through your problems with extreme force! Whether it’s a flying elbow from the corner of the ring or a gift of hot lead from your trusty machine gun, we’ve got the thrills you need in this action-packed category. There’s a little something for everyone, whether you like smashing things, racing games or something different. Make sure to take a good look around at these awesome, action-packed titles. So, what are you waiting for? Grab your gear, load up and meet us in the combat arena!

Always Free

Not only have we hand-picked the best action games on the web for you, we’ve compiled them all in one place so that you can play for free! That’s right, free. No memberships, no hidden fees, and no messing around – just dozens of cool games for you to play anytime and anywhere. At Playbelline, we don’t believe that you should have to pay for fun. All you have to do is hop onto our website, browse our action games online for your favorite one and start plowing through tons of enemies! Have trouble accessing games when you’re using school or public computers? We’ve got you covered.

How Will You Wreak Havoc?

We know that there’s more than one way to pack a punch, so we’ve made sure that this category is a rainbow of awesome, jaw-dropping action. Some people prefer to take their foes out from a distance, and that’s fine. Others prefer the thrill of brutal hand-to-hand combat, and there’s nothing wrong with that, either. This action-packed category is stuffed with free action games for you to love. Just remember: No matter how you bring the action, just make sure you bring it harder than your opponents do! If you want to see more than action today, go check out all our free online games.

Who Needs Steel When You Have Your Fists?

Not all action games are all about guns, like in shooting games - long before there were guns, swords, knives, and catapults, there were the two most reliable weapons in the arsenal: your fists. Your fists will never run out of ammo or break (unless you punch someone really, really hard). They are the perfect tools for taking out tons of bad guys in a cool fashion. Fists aren’t the only body part that you can use as a weapon, of course. When it’s an all-out war, anything goes! Feet, elbows, even your head – if you can smack someone with it, it’s a weapon. It’s your job to protect your title, and trust us, plenty of other wrestlers are hungry for it. In many games throughout the category, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to elbow, punch, body slam, and grapple your way to champion status. Just remember the number one rule: never turn your back on a foe! Need more practice? Play some of our cool fighting games to gain some nice skills!

Quickly, To the Battlefield!

Some fights you don’t walk away from. We’ve made sure to provide plenty of awesome action games that drop you right in the middle of the toughest fight of all: war. Choose your muscled-up hero from a cast of trained soldiers, load up your gun, and fight your way out of some of the meanest hot spots in the world. Grab keys, blow up crates for weapon upgrades, and most of all – take out everyone that you see. If you can make it to the end of the level without looking like a piece of swiss cheese, consider yourself a commando. This is just one of many titles in our free action games category that will have you fighting for your life. It may be a game, but no one’s joking around on the battlefield. If you are ready to join more battles, check out our collection of war games online.

Become a Hero in These Free Action Games

Which of our free action games will be your favorite? Do you prefer shooting games, or are you more of an explorer? It depends on what kind of hero you want to be, of course. You don’t have to do it alone, either. We have plenty of multiplayer action games for you to try. Master all of these free action games and become the ultimate action hero!