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Bob and Weave Like a Real Champ in Stickman Boxing KO Champion

This online Stickman Boxing KO Champion game is far and above the one-button versions we’ve seen in the past. It’s the entire experience from a first-person perspective! You can block, bob and weave, throw body shots and head shots, and more. This free game makes you think and move like a real boxer. You have to time your opponent’s jabs so you can slip them and then follow up with a 1-2 counter combination. It’s amazing!

Do You Have the Heart to Go the Distance?

Even Sugar Ray Leonard got knocked down a couple times, and you will too in this unblocked game. The question is, do you have the guts to get back up? Spam that button and pop back up on your feet to give your opponent a piece of your fists! That’s what a real champion does – they take hard hits and keep on chugging. Let’s see how you play in Stickman Boxing KO Champion.