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Power Up and Pound It In!

It doesn’t get any more personal than Bobblehead Soccer online, where two of the world’s best footballers go head to head in an intense 1-v-1 battle for goals and bragging rights! The objective is simple – block your opponent’s shots and score goals. That’s right, you’re the striker, goalkeeper, and midfielder in one. Good thing you can grab power-ups to help you, though. Slow your opponent down, freeze them, or even get an unblockable power kick to slam one in the net. Speaking of, this game is totally unblocked!

Bobblehead Soccer Is Ridiculous in the Best Way

The only way to describe this free to play game is zany, ridiculous, and over-the-top. What could be better? They have huge heads, tiny feet, and all kinds of techniques that would be illegal on a real soccer field. But that’s why it’s a game, after all – so you can do something ridiculous. So get that oversized noggin out there and show us how crazy you can be in Bobblehead Soccer!