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Upper 90, Baby!

The sweet swish of top-side netting is alive and well in Penalty Challenge Multiplayer online, the free game that drops you right at the start of a grueling soccer shootout. Just like in real football, this unblocked title requires you to shoot and defend a volley of five penalties to win the game. It’s all about psyching the goalkeeper out. Take your time, pick a side, and surprise him!

Play on Both Sides of the Line with Penalty Challenge Multiplayer

There’s more to a shootout than simply scoring. This free to play game also throws the gloves on you. That’s right, you’ll need to defend as the goalkeeper too, so get ready to make some lightning-fast saves. The better your offense is, the more relaxed your keeper can be. The better your keeper is, the more relaxed your offense can be! Of course, if they’re both on point, then you’ve got nothing to worry about but having fun in Penalty Challenge Multiplayer.