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Nothing, and Then a Shriek…

Maybe it was something in the well water or a vengeful spirit that possessed her, but in Evil Granny: Horror Village, there’s something not right about granny. In fact, she has become so lost in darkness that she will hunt you down and kill you without reason! All you want to do in each level of this unblocked game is find a treasure box or make it to some other simple goal. But make one false move, and her blood-curdling shriek is the last thing you’ll hear.

Evil Granny: Horror Village Is Absolutely Bone-Chilling!

It’s already scary enough walking around a dark and desolate village in complete darkness, but in this online game, you have to take every footstep knowing it could be your last. That psycho lady is always close by, and no matter what you do, she will eventually find you. So be quick when you’re going for those objectives. If you’re smart and fast, you just might survive. Evil Granny: Horror Village is free to play, but it might just cost you your sanity!