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Play the best scary games online

If you are looking for some scary games to play, you have found the right place! Get ready for chills down your back and hair-raising jumpscares to feel the adrenaline kick in! Do you have what it takes to complete the game?

What are scarry games?

In this collection, you will find games that are not for light-hearted people! These scare games are filled with creepy creatures, gore animations, and terrifying gameplay. You might have to go on a quest to escape a haunted mansion, survive a zombie apocalypse or run away from a monster. For some more spine-chilling games, check out our collection of free horror games!

Scary escape games

Creaky floorboards and dark shadows in every room will haunt you in these scary escape games! To win the game you must find an exit out of the house and survive the deadly monster lurking inside... If you enjoy this kind of gameplay, we have a collection of fun escape games, where you must solve some puzzles to unlock doors and get away. However, if you are up to even more scary gameplay, check out scary granny games, where you have to escape from the evil granny!

Scary zombie games

The undead rising back to life and coming after you - what is scarier than that? You will find some creepy zombie games in this collection, but if you dare to face them all, we have a whole category dedicated to online zombie games.