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Load, aim and pull the trigger! Get ready for some fast-paced action and bullets flying all around you, as we bring to you the best and most fun shooting games!

What are online shooting games?

Shooting games are part of or action games collection, and as the name already tells you, these games are all about firing weapons! Pick up a trusty pistol, powerful shotgun or the traditional bow with arrows and fire away! These games will test your aim, as your goal is to hit the target or kill enemies with bullets. Be cautious though - most opponents won't hold back and will try to take you down, so you will have to fight for your survival! Practice your aim from afar with free sniper games or try out different weapons in our collection of gun games.

First Person Shooter games

Online FPS games are a specific genre of shooting games, where you can experience the gameplay in first-person view. That means that instead of controlling a character, you see the game as if from your eyes, which makes the gameplay more immersive. We can recommend checking our multiplayer game Fields of Fury, which is a war-themed FPS game, as well as the shooting game Bullet Bonanza, where you also play in first-person view and can use lots of powerful bullet weapons!