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Asteroids is one of the famous classic Atari games, giving the player some nostalgic feelings when playing it again. Now available on a web browser instead of an arcade machine, Asteroids game is as enjoyable as ever. In Asteroids the game, you are a tiny spaceship conquering outer space and trying to avoid deadly asteroids flying your way. Do you have what it takes to be the perfect leader of a spaceship?



Mouse with control buttons on the screen

Arrows pointing left and right - change the direction of movement

Shoot - fire a shot

Thrust - move forward 

HyperSpace - teleport your ship to another place at random



Up arrow key - move forward

Left and right arrow keys - change the direction of movement

Down arrow key - teleport your ship to another place at random

Spacebar - fire a shot 


One small spaceship surrounded by hundreds of asteroids... and others? 

Asteroids game is all about the space rocks, of course. They come flying your way and you must shoot them in order to not allow the asteroids to crash into you. When asteroids are shot, they split into smaller and smaller pieces, until they are gone completely. You can also of course avoid crashing by flying away from the asteroids, but it's worth it to be brave and face them, as you earn points exactly by destroying them. The more asteroids you destroy, the more points you get!

Besides the asteroids, you must also look out for other space ships that come in your range. Mind you, these are not friends stepping in to help you - they are the very opposite of friends. Just as you, they also can shoot from their ship, and they will use that against you. Shoot back to destroy these ships!

If you feel like you are cornered and can't fight everything coming your way, you can use teleportation. You will immediately reappear in a random new spot in space. Be careful though, no one promised that the new spot will be safer - there might be new threats flying right at you as you land in the new spot. When an asteroid or other ship hits you, you lose a "life"m which in total you have five of.

Asteroids game - a true retro feeling

Asteroids game was created in 1979 by Atari, a famous and very influential game developer in the 70's and 80's. Atari was one of the first to really evolve the video game industry. Exactly Atari created the first-ever commercially successful video game Pong, developed and published in 1972. Pong took the world by a storm and gave Atari great motivation to continue game-making. 

All of these first-generation video games were played on arcade cabinets - huge wooden boxes almost as tall as a person, with a screen and controllers. The games were made with basic graphics and easy gameplay, as well as the distinguishable sound effects, that everyone immediately connects with video games. Exactly the simple and retro design & easy and classic gameplay is what makes Asteroids and other Atari games so entertaining even in modern times. Try out other classic Atari games available on our website!

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