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Time for Some New Clothes!

There’s nothing better than the perfect Instagram picture, wouldn’t you agree? You’re having a great hair day, the morning sun coming through your bedroom window is providing perfect lighting, and you’ve got plenty of – oops, that’s going to be a problem. You need to up your wardrobe game if you want to become an Instagirl. Well, you’ve got a little bit of money to start with, so throw together the cutest outfit that you can and get ready to play this online dress-up game, because you’re going to snap and smile your way to the top. More pictures equals more likes, more likes equals more money, and more money equals more adorable outfits! That’s right, you heard us – likes equal money!  

Likes Are Cash in Instagirls Dress Up, So Spend Wisely

This is how the Instagirls Dress Up online game works. You throw together a cute outfit, snap a pic, and watch the likes pour in. The more likes you get, the more money you have to spend on more clothes and accessories. Sure, you can throw together a mismatched ensemble and get a few likes for fun, but if you really want some pocket money, check your hashtags! That’s right, look on your phone and find the most trending outfits for the day. Find those items in the shop and create the perfect outfit. Whoa, that’s a lot of likes! Each time you snap a pic, you’ll have more money to take back to the shop. Speaking of, let’s check out the selection, shall we?

Choose from Hundreds of Fabulous Fashions

Oh wow, this Instagirls online dating game is absolutely stuffed with the cutest outfits and accessories! Really, we mean it. You can choose from dozens of tops, skirts, pants, stockings, dresses, shoes, wallets, glasses, handbags and much more! Sure, it’s high-priced stuff, but once you get your Instagirls online presence growing, you’ll eventually be able to afford absolutely everything. Just make sure you pick the right pieces to meet those hashtag goals early on. After you nail a couple of those, you’ll have enough money to get a whole lot more to wear. By the end of the game, your thousands of fans and followers will be dying to see what you wear next! Will you give them an expected look, or hit them with something totally different? The choice is yours in this online Instagirl dress-up game.

Ready for A New Theme? Try These!

Dressing up in the latest fashions will never go out of style, of course, but sometimes, you want to mix it up with an awesome theme. For example, have you ever helped a fairy princess prepare for a magical wedding? Or, on the other hand, have you ever slathered someone in spooky makeup and scary costumes for a Halloween party? Instagirls Halloween and Instagirls Christmas are just the beginning of these fun, online dress-up games. We have an entire category, in fact, of dress up games so that you can check out all kinds of themes! Is there a designer in there somewhere? Let’s find out.