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You’ve Got Three Touches to Create Some Magic!

Imagine how crisp and accurate every pass and shot would be if you could take it uninterrupted, just like this 2018 Soccer World Cup Touch game. In this online title, you get three chances to slide your player into that ball for a crowd-stunner of a goal before it’s the opponent’s turn. Choose your touches wisely, because when it’s their turn, you can’t move! Sneak one past the keeper, and you will be a hero among men.

2018 Soccer World Cup Touch Is a Fan’s Delight

We realized halfway through our first play of this free game that it’s so much easier to set up amazing plays when the defenders aren’t sprinting at you. That’s what makes this game so fun and impressive – you can take the time you need to line up your next move and boot that ball like you mean it. The clock is ticking, footballer. Will you emerge from 2018 Soccer World Cup Touch victorious?