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It’s Raining Lead in Crazy Shooters 2!

Subtlety isn’t exactly at the forefront when it comes to Crazy Shooters 2, and we are absolutely okay with that. In this online game, you’re not wandering around solving cute little mysteries – you’re pulverizing your enemies with high-powered weapons! Drop into the arena, strap on that massive gun, and run around killing everybody. What more could you ask for in a shooter? You’ve got an entire arsenal at your disposal, from knives to machine guns to even a rocket launcher, so don’t be shy. This first-person-shooting has amazingly believable mechanics, giving you the ability to aim down sights, reload, and best your foes with intense melee combat.

Enjoy Head-to-Head Action on Live Servers

The best part about all this? You’re actually fighting real people! That’s right, this online shooter is truly online. You can drop in to a server of your choice or create your own room and make them play by your rules. Set up the arena, the kill limit, and the weapons. If you’re really crazy, you could even try your hand at crazy mode. We don’t want to spoil too much, so we’ll leave it at that for now. And if this game whets your appetite for more gun-toting craziness, then we’ve got an entire category of shooting games for you to enjoy.

Not Crazy Enough?

Are you the type of gamer who loves ridiculous mechanics, absurd storylines and over-the-top gameplay? If the answer is yes, then you don’t have to stop at this crazy shooting game, because we also have a category dedicated to crazy games! We don’t care if it’s a shooter, a platformer, a quiz game or whatever – if it’s crazy in some way, it makes the category. We would tell you to click with caution, but if you’re crazy enough to enter this category, then you just might be able to handle it. Until then, we’ll look for you on the battlefield in Crazy Shooters 2.