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It’s Not All Guns and Explosions, You Know…

As fun as it may be to take out wave after wave of enemies, sometimes you want to test your cunning in free skill games. To see just what you can do, we’ve put together a skill-based games category that will test your reflexes, judgment and creativity. You will have to ponder creative and quick solutions to a variety of obstacles in this challenging and entertaining category. Every split-decision that you make will either be rewarded with points or punished with, well – we will let you find out the hard way! We love this category most of all for its diversity. You may find yourself solving mind-bending puzzles one minute, and bounding over barrels the next in these free skill games.

All of Your Favorite Skill Games Free!

How can you show off how quick and clever you are if your school computer won’t even let you play these skill-based titles? You’ve probably been down this road before. An awesome game comes out that you and your friends really want to try. You head to the library and sit down in front of a computer. You try to load the game up, and it’s blocked! Well, you don’t have to worry about that here, because this category is totally filled with skill games. Just open a web browser, head to Playbelline and you’ll be showing off in no time!

A Legendary Genre

We wouldn’t be able to offer skill games online if it weren’t for the epic eras that came before us. Many of the timeless classics from the 80s were skill-based, and we’re proud to carry on that tradition at Playbelline. In many ways, our free skill games are updated versions of the timeless classics that you know and love. We’re talking run-and-jump side-scrollers, tower builders, sports games and more. There were no special controllers, cheat codes or cutting-edge graphics back in the day, but skill games still found a way to entertain thousands of players. In the same spirit (but with upgrades, of course), we’ve dedicated this category to games that require skill. Check out our favorite selections from this category below, and get ready for a fun challenge!

Our Favorite Skill Games Online

Before you dive into this category, ask yourself: What am I good at? Are you the quickest clicker this side of the equator? Can you hit a bullseye with any gun five times in a row? Maybe you’re better at navigating through tricky, twisty levels and finding treasure that nobody else could. Whatever your abilities are, these online skill-based games are sure to bring them out. We have all kinds of games that require skills you didn’t even know you had! That’s the best part of these online skill games – you get to practice what you’re good at and learn new skills at the same time! Let’s take a look at some of the most fun and challenging play styles in this genre.

Connect Cool Characters

“I’ll turn left here, then straight, then right here – darn it!” It may be tougher than you think to connect these pairs of robot buddies together in Robotion. This game is just one of many that poses an interesting problem to players – can you connect everyone and fill the entire game board? We love this skill game because it teaches players how to think ahead and work quickly in a tight space. The first few levels may be pretty easy, but remember, these are skill-based games. Once you get warmed up, the board will get bigger and bigger!

Zigzag Like Crazy!

You better be ready to think fast in this game type, because you’ll be banking left and right as you speed down a crazy course filled with obstacles! We have plenty of online skill games like Groovy Ski, where you have to turn on a dime to avoid obstacles as you streak down the slopes (or down some other course). Slowing down is not an option, and the course will definitely throw some obstacles at you. Bank around walls, debris and even enemies if you want to stay alive! Of course, you will eventually crash, but the point is to make it as far as you possibly can. These skill-based games require you to have perfect timing with every move that you make. will spell disaster.

Almost Got It…Now!

Speaking of perfect timing, who doesn’t love a good stacking game? Whether you’re dropping barnyard animals from a crane or scrambling desperately to stay above flood waters in Flood Escape, you will need more than just timing to stack these game pieces just right. The piece hovers from the left side of your screen to the right, and back again. At the perfect moment, drop it down to stack it on top of the previous piece. If you do it perfectly, hooray! If it hangs over the side, you’re going to lose some precious width, buddy. The more you miss, the skinnier your column gets until you lose!

The Quick and Witty Will Survive

Whether you’re a fan of the run-and-jump style or if you prefer to sit and strategize, our hand-picked selection of the best skill games around offers hours of fun and entertainment. Pick your favorite skill games online from this category and challenge your friends to beat your score. If you’re fast and clever enough, you just may become the best skill games player to hit our leaderboards.