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Who Knew Golf Was This Old?

Wow – we knew that the game of golf had a long history, but in Adam and Eve Golf online, you learn just how far back it goes. That’s right, the big hairy guy himself was actually an avid player! He has fashioned himself a club out of dinosaur horns and wood, and he’s ready to crack that stone across a course filled with bamboo ramps, lava pits, and dinosaurs. Just tap and hold to set your force and angle, then release to get it in the hole. Don’t forget the three stars, either! This unblocked game is totally prehistoric, which comes with benefits as well as drawbacks…

Mind Your Surroundings in Adam and Eve Golf

Sure, on a regular golf course, you can just relax and talk with your buddies without paying much attention. In this free game, however, you have to play with your head on a swivel – there are dinosaurs everywhere! They will definitely get in your way, so you’ll have to shoot over and around them if you want to ace the hole. Ready to get prehistoric? Then grab your loin cloth and meet us at Adam and Eve Golf!