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Ninjas are masters of speed and swiftness - they will rush right past you without any sound or sign. Become a ninja and learn their tricks in these awesome ninjas games online!

What are ninja games?

The art of ancient martial arts is led by ninjas who hide in the dark. In these games, you can play as a ninja character and practice their skills! Complete difficult levels full of traps and obstacles, fight armies of enemies or show your agility in food-slashing ninja games. If you love fast-paced gaming, we have lots of other fun action games for you to enjoy!

Ninja run and jump games

Although some ninja games are about fighting enemies, most ninja games are all about athleticism and being quick! In these types of ninja games, you will have to try to reach the longest distance or show how high you can jump without stumbling and falling! Check out other similar games in our collections of free running games and online jumping games.