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Play the best free monster truck games online

No need for a driver's license when you are racing monster trucks online! Enjoy our selection of all kinds of games about monster trucks and join the fun of being a professional monster truck driver!

What are monster trucks games?

Monster trucks are cars with huge off-road tires that are made for the purpose of driving on harsh terrains and performing stunts. In these awesome online games, you can experience the extreme sport of monster truck driving! There really are no other cars similar to monster trucks - they are big, resistant, and fierce. Pick any of these games and challenge yourself with steering the wheel of a monster truck! If you are in for a more casual type of driving, we have lots of fun car games for you to try. You can also practice your steering skills with our collection of free driving games.

Monster truck racing games

Most of the games found in this category are all about speed. You will have to hold tight and press the gas pedal as far as possible to win these monster truck races! Compete with other drivers for first place in the race, finish race tracks filled with lots of obstacles, or fight gravity when performing tricks! Looking for more speed? Check out our collection of online racing games. If you want to try racing off-road on a motorcycle, you will like these cool dirtbike games!

Puzzle monster truck games

Do you like monster trucks but are not a fan of racing? Fear not, we also have awesome puzzle games that have monster trucks in the gameplay! You can complete jigsaw puzzles with monster trucks images, color your own truck images, or play other puzzles with monster trucks. These games will also be perfect for kids, as they have easy gameplay and a fun game theme!