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Was That a Rocket?

No, we didn’t know cars could go that fast either – until we played these car games online, that is. Prepare to white-knuckle your way through treacherous terrain filled with even more dangerous opponents as you jet down the strip at ridiculous speeds! In this category, there is no way to sit back and play it safe, and no room for even the smallest of errors. You have to risk it all if you want the glory because that’s how the champions do it. Inch by your opponents by a hair’s margin. Snag tokens and powerups are hidden in clusters of cars. Whatever you do, don’t check your speedometer, and don’t even think about blinking. A single moment of distraction in these cool car games could have, let’s say, explosive consequences.

No Roadblocks Here – Only Speed!

You can’t put roadblocks in front of a natural-born racer, because we were born for the smell of burnt rubber, the thrill of the open road, and speed! That’s right, you can play these games wherever you want. No more disappointment, and no more settling for boring games. You don’t have to worry about being denied access if your school doesn’t allow certain games. These html5 titles are made so that you can just open the Internet, find us, and play! It’s not in you to stop, racer, and we’ll make sure that you don’t have to with these car games. Now, let’s mash that pedal into the floor! If fast-paced driving is your style, check out our huge collection of free racing games!

Breeze by Your Foes in Our Cool Car Games

Why just daydream about Porches and Ferraris when you can hop into one of these supercars and hit the road? We have plenty of racing games to show off your hot ride and your even more impressive skills. Some of the games are traditional, with a closed course and a few other racers, and some are a little bit more challenging. We don’t want to give too much away, but let’s just say that there will be plenty of obstacles in your path. The torque on these speed machines is certainly a lot to get used to at first, but once you “redline” for a few seconds, you will be ready to race with the best of ‘em. Tired of the four wheels- try our amazing bike games online.

Drive Terrifying Trucks Around the Arena

Of course, free car games don’t have to be all about speed. If you prefer to watch ridiculously overpowered trucks perform all-terrain stunts, this category has plenty of dirt-flying, car-smashing, heart-pumping action in the form of monster truck rallies! Choose your gas-guzzling monstrosity and don’t worry about passing other riders. Monster trucks may be slower, but they can just plow right through anything they want! Try also our cool monster truck games to jump into the action. You will have to keep yourself level as you boost through and over dangerous dips and ramps to make it to the goal. If you can make it in a decent enough time, you’ll snag three stars! Trust us, though, you don’t want to try a flip – it ends badly every single time.

Become the King of the Road!

Okay racers, let’s review. You have to take risks in these free car games if you want to reap the reward. This means sneaking by opponents, pushing your car to insane speeds, and scrambling your way over dangerous obstacles. Simply being fast enough isn’t good enough anymore. You have to be fast and cunning to make it through all of these challenges. You have to keep an eye on your car, your opponents, powerups, and all kinds of obstacles in your way. Tell you what, we’ll give you a warmup try to get used to the speed – we won’t laugh if you crash, we promise. After that, though, we expect nothing but blinding speeds and high scores as you conquer these car games online! If you are tired of winning all the races, you can always check out all of our free online games.