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Don’t Get Your Wires Crossed in Robot Maker!

You’ve got the blueprint and the space-age alloy parts, now it’s time to put all that fancy tech to good use in this unblocked Robot Maker game. All of those hours spent in the lab have finally paid off, because now, you get to piece together awesome robots that will follow your every command! In this online game, you build a robot every level, dragging and placing multi-tool arms, blinky headpieces and central processing units to match the blueprint.

Snap That Last Piece in and Admire Your Creation

There’s no cooler feeling than listening to that robot hum to life after you place the finishing touches on it in this free to play game. You’ve got plenty of levels to get through, so make sure you take your time admiring each machine as you’re creating it. By the time you’re done with Robot Maker, you’ll never need to clean the lab up again – make them do it!