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Precision Is Key in Soccer Cup Touch

In a real soccer match, you only have milliseconds to make each decision, but in Soccer Cup Touch online, you’ve got tons of time! That’s because this innovative unblocked game is turn-based, so make sure you make each of your three touches count. Split that ball through rows of defenders, get your players in position, and crack one in the goal. It’s that simple (or is it?).

The Art of Fouling Without Fouling

First and foremost, you didn’t hear this from us, okay? We learned that you can’t slam your player into another player in this free to play game because that will result in a foul and the forfeiture of your turn. You can, however, hit the ball first and THEN smash an opposing player out of the way so you can take your shot. Again, you didn’t hear it from us! Now pick your squad and meet us on the Soccer Cup Touch field.