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Is It Just Us, Or Does That Ball Have a Mind of Its Own?

The players aren’t the only ones who are making glorious goals happen in this free Flappy Foot Chinko game. As the newest addition to the team, it’s your job to control the ball. Not with your feet, but by actually tapping it in mid-flight to make it bounce where you want it to go! This unblocked game is a super creative take on the sports arcade genre, and we love it. Bounce around defenders and hazards to make it to the goal. Then, do it again, and again, and again…

Flappy Foot Chinko Is Big-Brained Soccer!

Even a pro footballer would have trouble beating this online game easily, because it totally transforms the game into something a little bit trickier. You now have to get around defenders, keep the ball from dropping too low, AND avoid the electric probes, all while scoring goals! We hope you’re ready to play with your noggin, because Flappy Foot Chinko is a serious test of smarts.