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Master the Meter, Master EG Go Bowling

We’ll bring the lanes and the ball in Master EG Go Bowling online, but if you want a sweet high score, you’re going to have to bring some pretty spot-on timing. The first thing you have to do is setting your power, but it’s tougher than it sounds. That power meter fills up and empties super fast! Then, choose your angle by stopping that swinging pendulum at the perfect position. With the right oomph and the perfect placement, you’ll be crushing pins in this unblocked game. Get three gutters, and the game is over!

It’s Marathon Bowling!

Technically, this free to play game is endless, so you could score WAY more than a 300 if you got super good at avoiding the gutter! Needless to say, it’s hard to even break a high score of a hundred, so make sure you practice plenty and familiarize yourself with the physics. After a few frames, you’ll be mowing down pins like a pro. EG Go Bowling is waiting, so bring your A-game and show them how you roll!