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Play fun bowling games for free

Test your precision and aim in these awesome online games! When playing bowling online, you won't need to put on special shoes or carry heavy balls - just click play and enjoy the fun.

What are bowling games?

In these games, you can play the original bowling sport. The goal of bowling is to tilt over 10 pins using a bowling ball. Just like in real life, you will have to be very precise with your aim to master these games! You can also enjoy 3D graphics, which makes these online bowling games more immersive. Check out our huge collection of sports games and try your strength in other sports! For games similar to bowling, see all of our free ball games.

Bowling hall simulation games

Some of these games are more arcade-based, where you have to complete levels of bowling, each with a different goal. However, we also have games that are a simulation of the real bowling hall experience. Aim and swing the ball, and hope it does not go off of the track! As in professional bowling, you can also earn a strike (all pins down with the first roll) or a spare (all pins down with 2 rolls) for some extra points. If you are all about earning points and playing round after round, you might like our online arcade games, too!