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From the Court (or Field) to Your Screen

It’s official – we’ve brought everything you love about ball games to your mobile or computer screen! No smelly socks or muscle cramps here, just a massive selection of addicting games that you can play anytime for free. Whether you prefer to kick up some dirt with your soccer cleats or go “hard in the paint” with your basketball, we have included something for everyone to enjoy. Some of these games are for ball hogs, and others are for team players, but they’re all challenging and fun. Both high-score hunters and casual players alike can tour this category for hours on end. Get ready to pass, shoot, dunk, and swing your way to victory!

Whatever Ball Games You Like, We’ve Got ‘Em!

We want this category to remind you of all the fun that you have on the playground, field, or court, so we made sure to represent almost every major sport imaginable, so we created this category by combining all the ball games together from our huge selection of sports games. You can also use this category as an opportunity to try a sport that you’ve never played before, or play the sports that are popular all around the world, like the best football games or our favorite cool basketball games. In classic sports game fashion, we’ve included games that put you right in the middle of a scoring situation. The pressure is on, the clock is ticking, and your teammates are counting on you! Well, if you have teammates, that is.

Are You A Solo Star or a Team Player?

Our free ball games category wouldn’t be complete without plenty of opportunities to show off your dribbling, shooting, and other point-scoring skills, but it’s also important to play as a team member in certain situations. Sometimes, it’s better to pass the ball off to give someone else a chance to score. If passing it off isn’t your style, no need to worry – we have plenty of games for MVPs as well as team players. So, what will it be? Are you a bit of a ball hog or a selfless assist machine? Either way, we’ve got you covered.

Team Player

Of course, if you’ve played on a sports team already, you understand the value of a well-oiled passing machine. Whether it’s soccer, basketball, football, or what have you, the perfect play requires a team effort. This means smooth passing and lots of communication. Try to guess where your teammates are going to be and keep your opponents guessing. Create space on the court or field by passing the ball around a lot. Position yourself to score. Who knows, they might just send it back to you for a point-scoring opportunity. This category has plenty of opportunities for you to work as a team if that’s what you prefer.

What All the Pros Have in Common

Just like with sports you watch on tv, learning from the professionals is a great way to enhance your skills as an online ball sports competitor. Whether it’s a solo effort or part of a team, the experts all share a certain set of impressive skills that make them so dangerous on the court or field. They know how to predict their opponents and make smart plays in the blink of an eye. They can time their moves with great precision and purpose. Want to get an edge on your competition in the same way? Make sure you take advantage of the following skills and good habits. This is how the pros stay ahead of the competition.

Reading the Game

If you want to learn to “read the game,” which is a super important skill, you have to be patient. Don’t just try to win the game on your very first try. Watch how the ball behaves. Watch how your opponents react to things. Test your character’s abilities, strengths, and weaknesses. Even if you have to lose a game or two to figure all of this out, it will pay off in the end because you will have all of this valuable information. Once you understand how everything reacts, you can command the game! Your high score will thank you once you master this skill.