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Even When You’re Steady, the Hoop Isn’t!

The opening minute or so of this Basketball Shots game seems easy enough, doesn’t it? It’s like you’ve done in your driveway a thousand times. Plant your feet, line up your shot, and swish! Of course, it will take a second to get used to the physics, but then you’re good to go. At least that’s what we thought, until we made two shots. Then, would you believe it, this Basketball Shots game pulled a trick on us! By the time you’re bending your knees for that third jumper, the hoop starts sliding left and right like it’s possessed. Now this is another challenge altogether. You now have to lead the hoop, shooting not where it is, but where it’s going to be. It basically turns this into a trick shots basketball game – sneaky! Either way, you’ve got three misses allowed and only one objective: make as many shots as you can before game over. Our record is sixteen, think you can beat it?

Basketball Shots Is the Perfect Warmup

Just like the NBA professionals do before a big game, we like to treat this hot shots basketball game like a warmup. Take a few minutes to drain as many swishes as you can, even when that hoop is moving. Aim for a double-digit high score. Then, you can move on to our basketball games category for all kinds of other basketball challenges! If you train with this game for just fifteen minutes before you hit the category, you’ll be amazed at how crisp and consistent your aim is. Of course, you could just get lost in this game as you try to one-up yourself over and over again, which is fine too. Let’s put it this way: as long as there’s a ball in your hands and you’re having fun, we’re happy. Why not start with Basketball Shots?