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Reach for the Stars in Zoo Trivia!

What better way to take a brain-building tour of the beautiful and diverse animal kingdom than with this Zoo Trivia online game? Each level of this simple question-and-answer online title is based on an animal. You’ve got a picture of the animal, and you have to spell out its name with some of the letters provided. Hints are available if you need them, but try to save them up! All the lions, bears, tigers, birds, and other animals will be very impressed if you do.

Knowing Is Part One, Spelling Is Part Two

Our favorite part about this free to play game is the fact that it tests your knowledge on two different levels. Think about it: it’s not enough to just recognize the animal, you’ve got to know how to spell its name too! Don’t get overconfident when you see “lion,” because there are much harder words to spell out there, trust us. We hope you have fun with your furry friends in Zoo Trivia.