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You’ve Got Your Work ”Cut Out” for You in The USA Map Challenge

It’s one thing to put together a continent with a dozen countries or two, but in this unblocked USA Map Challenge game, you’re going for all fifty states! That’s right, this free online game is one of the toughest map games we have because it requires you to place each and every state

in its proper location. And just look at that huge country, it’s so blocky and hard to tell what goes where!

The REAL Challenge: Zero Mistakes, Ten Minutes or Less

Eventually, you’ll be able to play all the way through this challenging online game without too many mistakes, but we have the ultimate challenge or you. If you really want to become an American geography master, then you’ll need to practice until you can get all 50 states where they need to go without a single mistake. That way, on your next vacation and/or road trip, you’ll be the one leading the way in confidence! Ready for The USA Map Challenge, adventurer?