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Stick Golf Combines Realistic Gameplay with Ridiculous Courses

Just like a real golfer, your spindly Stick Golf online hero waits patiently at the tee, measuring the perfect angle for that opening drive. It’s your job to set this angle and the power, so make sure you line it up just right and give it a good smack! That’s the realistic part of this unblocked game. The crazy part is what you see between the tee and the hole – it’s the hilliest course in existence! Don’t mess up…

Earn Cash, Get Hats!

If you can manage to stay under par for most holes on the course, you’ll earn a tidy sum of cash that you can spend on really cool upgrades at the store. Keep that pale sportsman from developing a sunburn and show off your spirit at the same time with witch, pirate, or even king’s hats. Now you’re really golfing! Ready to hit the green? Then let’s play Stick Golf online for free.