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Play Skydom game online

Match pieces of the same color, complete fun quests, and explore the magical world of Skydom! How many levels can you complete?

Who can play Skydom?

  • Recommended for ages 7 and up

  • Difficulty level - easy

How to play the Skydom game

  • Every game level has a goal - collect a specific amount of the same color, get rid of locked tiles or just reach a high score. Fulfill the goal to complete the level!

  • Match 3 or more of the same kind of symbols in a row to collect them. Match by switching 2 symbols that are adjacent to one another

    • Matching more than three together will give you awesome boosters

  • Keep an eye on how many moves you have left to complete the level, as when you run out of moves, the game ends

  • If you didn't complete the goal in time, you will lose one life. You can see the number of lives you have on the left side of the screen!

  • You need lives to start a game level, but don't worry if you have none left -  they replenish with time


  • Left mouse click

About the puzzle game Skydom

Skydom is one of the awesome match-3 games on our website, and the game offers cute game graphics and cool extra features. Join the adventures in Skydom and match the pieces of the same kind. Each level will bring new challenges and competitions with other Skydom players and characters. If you want to play something similar to Skydom, we can recommend checking out all of our free matching games as well as our collection of bejeweled games for a similar type of gameplay. We also have lots of other fun puzzle games for you to try!


  • Hundreds of levels

  • Connect with friends

  • Daily challenges

  • Easy to play game rules

  • Fun challenges at every level

  • Compete with other players


Web browser (mobile and desktop)

Release date

February 2020


Skydom was developed by The Pew Pew