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Your World Just Got Turned into a Jigsaw Puzzle!

From the frigid plains of Russia to the balmy Mediterranean, this Scatty Maps Europe online game is your complete tour of all things Europe. The only tricky part about this tour is that you have to put the countries back on a completely blank map! That’s right, you heard us. The game starts with all the countries separated from their position on the continent, and you have to drag them where they go with absolutely no labels to go off of. All you have is the shape and name of the country. Think you can do it?

Scatty Maps Europe Is the Fun Way to Learn

This free and unblocked game is so fun to play, you might just forget that you’re learning in the process. If you’re not an expert right out of the gate, by the way, that’s okay – just set it on easy mode and guess as best you can. After a few rounds, though, you’ll be able to place every single country blindfolded! Okay, maybe not blindfolded, but you get the gist. Can you get all of these historically rich nations back to their homes in Scatty Maps Europe?