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Wait, What Happened to this Map?

This online Scatty Maps Asia game certainly doesn’t hold your hand, trust us. Anyone can find India or Thailand on a labeled map, but in this game, India, Thailand, and the rest of the Asian countries have floated away! You have to grab them and slide them back into place based on memory. It will take a serious geography whiz to get all of these right on the first try, but don’t worry, if you mess up, you’ll get a hint.

Scatty Maps Asia Covers a Ton of Ground!

Asia is one of the largest and most culturally rich continents on the planet, so you have plenty to do in this online game. You’ll be placing Turkey, India, Russia, China, and tons of smaller

countries as you play through this unblocked title. If you’re feeling cocky, try hard mode. If not, start off with just 15 countries in easy mode. Hurry, because time is of the essence! Play Scatty Maps Asia unblocked for free today, and you’ll be one step closer to conquering the globe.