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Become a Geography God with Scatty Maps Africa

You could sit in a boring class for hours and try to stay awake, or you could learn geography the fun way with this unblocked Scatty Maps Africa game. This online title transports you to the cradle of humanity as we know it – the beautiful continent of Africa. The object of this game is fairly simple. You start out with a blank, unlabeled continent, and you have to place the African countries in the proper position to score. It’s free to play, addictive, and educational, all at the same time!

Easy or Hard – You Decide!

It’s okay if you’re not an expert on day one. That’s what learning is all about, after all. If you’d like to start out with something a little simpler, then you can select easy mode and place thirteen countries instead of the whole continent. Drag them where you think they go, and if you miss, the game will give you a hint. Hurry up, though, because time will affect your score? Ready to give your brain the workout of a lifetime with this Scatty Maps Africa game?