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Play Mine Sweeper online

Can you figure out where on the field dangerous mines are hiding? Combine luck with the skill to beat the classic Mine Sweeper game, now available in a modern look.

Who can play Mine Sweeper?

  • Recommended ages 5 and up

  • Difficulty level - easy

How to play Mine Sweeper game

  • First, choose the game difficulty - either easy, medium, or hard

  • Click on a field and hope it was not a mine! Blank means there is no mine near, a field with a number means there are the said amount of mines near, and if you clicked on a mine, well, then it is game over

  • The bombs are counted as "near" not only if they are directly next to the field, but also diagonally

  • See relations between the numbers and fields do discover where all mines are without clicking on them! 

  • To keep track of mines, you can press and hold on a field to mark it with a flag

  • To restart a new game, press on the smiley face


  • left mouse click

About Mine Sweeper game

Mine Sweeper's origins date back to the 1960s, and the game became popular very quickly. Later on, the minesweeping game also got featured in a bundle together with computer operating systems, so that might be where you got to know this classic puzzle game! If you are up to solving some more puzzles, we have a whole category of puzzle games.

We admit that Mine Sweeper might be a little tough to master -  it also needs a bit of luck to win the game smoothly. However, it is also great for activating your thinking skills, just as our other thinking games for training your brain. On the contrary, you might want something more carefree to play next, in which case we can offer you fun and interesting clicker games to get some pure entertainment!


  • 3 difficulty levels to choose from

  • Endless gameplay

  • Classic but modern design


Web browser (mobile and desktop)

Release date

February 4, 2021


Mine Sweeper was developed by MarketJS


  • Is MineSweeper a game of luck?
    Luck is a part of MineSweeper. Although you can come up with strategies and tactics on how to determine where the mines are, situations, where you have to blindly guess, can occur.