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Man, Who Built This Course?!

It’s a normal day on the course like any other in this Let’s Play Golf online game, except for one little detail. You’ve got your hat, goofy pants, and club, but the course looks like it was made for sledding! These holes are so hilly, you just might need to bust out your hiking boots to play. That’s all the more reason for you to be really precise with your shots. Tap and hold to set your angle and power. Release when you’re ready and watch her fly! Hopefully towards the hole. See those numbers at the top? Those are the strokes you need to get that amount of stars.

Master the Bounce, Master Let’s Play Golf

Since the course in this free unblocked game is so darn hilly, you’re going to have to think ahead. “If I hit it off of that hill, it will probably bounce to the next hill, roll down, and ramp up towards the hole.” It might be frustrating at first, but we found after just five minutes of playing that it made for a totally revolutionary experience. What more can be said? As the game says, Let’s Play Golf!