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How to Play Crossy Word

Born from one of the most successful variations of word games in existence, Crossy Word online is a test of more than just your spelling ability. They won’t give you so much as a letter to start with, but clues, which makes it like a trivia and word game in one! The game board is a series of horizontal and vertical words, represented by a string of blank squares where the letters should be, that cross each other at several points – get it? So, your job as the player in this free online Crossy Word game is to read each clue, figure out the answer, and fill in the corresponding squares with the appropriate letters. If you need cheats or hints, you can drag the magic star to whichever square you want for an extra letter, but it will cost you three rubies! Once you get all the words right, it’s on to the next Word Crossy level – and trust us, there are a ton of them.  

The Tradition Continues

Did you know that classic word cross puzzles, the game that Crossy Word is based on, are more than a hundred years old? It’s crazy to think that their English creator, a writer, first introduced the world to crosswords in 1913, but it’s true. Since then, we have seen an absolutely humongous amount of variations come about, like Crosswords with Friends, themed crosswords, and even crosswords that teach you new languages! The invention of the Internet has opened up even more possibilities for this genre, giving us unlimited words and puzzles to work with as well as multiplayer capabilities. A great place to start is with our Crossword Puzzle game. It’s free, fun, and it will prepare you for all the fun variations out there. If you aren’t an absolute word genius after playing through Crossy Word, then Crossword Puzzle will get you there!