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Old Sticky Fingers Is at It Again!

That’s right, your favorite swindler has returned in full force with Bob the Robber 5, the unblocked game that leads you on a daring temple adventure for loot! How did our “hero” get here, you might be thinking? Well, it was a job like any other. Bob was robbing this poor sap who didn’t suspect a thing when he found this weird map. He followed the map to this temple, and now he smells treasure! Only problem is, you’re going to have to go through (or around) new and mysterious enemies to get to this score.

Explore a Spooky Temple in Bob the Robber 5

This place is a whole lot older and…crumblier than most of the fancy joints that you rob. Still, in Bob the Robber 5: The Temple Adventure, you can use all the same strategies you’ve learned to get past each level. Find gadgets, sneak up on bad guys, lurk in the shadows, tiptoe around security cameras, and most of all, grab as much dough as you can carry! Try to get as much loot as you can so you can max out each level. Make sure you scour every inch of these spooky corridors, because you never know what you might be able to use to get past the security. By the way, you’re not just up against the usual muscled-up guards. You may find yourself “wrapped up” by a terrifying tomb guardian!

This Wasn’t the First, and It Won’t be the Last

If there’s anything we know about our buddy Bob, it’s that he is resilient. He doesn’t quit, and he never turns down a challenge. In dedication to the bravest robber we know, we’ve set up an entire category of Bob the Robber games. You can play through them all and learn his backstory, and who knows, we may even see more adventures in the near future. Until then, let’s see if you can make it through Bob the Robber 5: The Temple Adventure without chickening out!